Pattern notes

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There are currently no pattern amendments for the Monadh pattern. 

The following table shows you fabric requirements for the flying geese for Version 1 (multicolour flying geese). These measurements can be used to work out if you have enough fabric in your existing stash to make the flying geese. 

Example (Throw): Your FABRIC A requirement is 4½” x 22" (width of Fat Quarter) OR 3" x 42" (width of fabric). Refer to page 7 in your pattern for cutting instructions (flying geese) for the Throw size quilt.

48" x 60"
64" x 80"
80" x 96"
108" x 108"

FQ1/4 YardFQ1/4 YardFQ1/4 YardFQ1/4 Yard
FABRIC A 4½” 3"13½”9"13½”9"(1)FQ + 10½”(1)¼ Yard + 6½”
FABRIC B4"2"9"6"9"6"15"7½”
FABRIC C2½”2½”7"3½”7"3½”9"4½”
FABRIC D5½” x 3" rectangle7½” x 4" rectangle7½” x 4" rectangle9½” x 5" rectangle
FABRIC E3½”3½”4½”4½”4½”4½”5½” x 21" rectangle


Fabric (general notes)

We’ve tried to use background fabric as efficiently as possible. For example, part of the background for the Lone and Le Moyne stars comes from the offcuts from cutting the background for your design (assuming a useable fabric width of 42”). Where there are offcuts from cutting the background for the Half Square Triangle star these are used for the background in the Le Moyne and Lone stars.

The algorithm calculating your fabric requirements brings together calculations for the main quilt background, the background for the Half Square Triangle Stars and the triangles of Le Moyne and Lone stars. At time of release, there can be up to ¼ Yard variation more than a manual fabric calculation would provide (Double, Queen, King). This is as a result of cutting background 8½” blocks from yardage (as the pattern suggests) rather than ¼ Yards (9” width). 

Always check your fabric purchases to make sure they make sense to you. If you’re buying fabric by the metre or yard, it may be that your fabric provider has given you a generous cut. Check to make sure your pattern matches what you have been provided. 

Background cutting (alternative approach)

An alternative approach to cutting your background fabric is provided below. This approach will enable you to cut your background in larger pieces than your digital pattern suggests. If you use the following approach you will ignore the instruction to cut 8½” blocks on p12. Instead: 

Use your colouring chart (Throw p4, Double p6, Queen p8, King p10) to work out how many of each size you will need. An example is provided in the image below (best viewed on a computer). 

Following this example, background pieces would be cut as (3) 16½” squares,  (8) 8½” x 16½” rectangles and (5) 8½” squares. Cut pieces from largest to smallest and set aside offcuts for reuse.

The pattern recommends using offcuts from cutting 8½” background blocks for your Lone and Le Moyne stars. Using this alternative background cutting approach, you will now use your remaining yardage to cut the background fabric for your Lone and Le Moyne stars. Note that the background fabric for Half Square Triangle Stars is also cut from yardage (as indicated on p14).